Polishing Compound for Metal

SKU: L10-63395
Polishing Compound for Metal
Polishing Compound for Metal
Polishing Compound for Metal
Polishing Compound for Metal
Polishing Compound for Metal
Polishing Compound for Metal
Polishing Compound for Metal
Polishing Compound for Metal

Polishing Compound for Metal

SKU: L10-63395
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  • High-quality solid wax buffing and polishing compound to be used with rotating buffing wheels
  • Stored in a reusable tightly sealed color-coded plastic container for easy identification and to prevent contamination
  • Easy to use by rubbing the buffing compound against the spinning buffing wheel or applied directly on the surface
  • Each polishing bar is 3.8 Oz / 110 gram


How to apply the compound to wheels ?

You can apply the compound by rubbing the compound against the spinning wheel; these types of compounds are typically dry and made of wax, but the heat and friction will help transfer just enough compound to get the job done.

You can also apply the compound directly onto the surface if it’s easier

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Our Selection of Buffing Compounds

#1: Black Polishing Compound

#1 Black buffing compound is ideal for heavy duty cleaning of hard metals, such as iron and stainless steel


#2: Grey Polishing Compound

#2 Grey buffing compound is ideal for medium cleaning, buffing, and scratch removal of hard metals such as iron, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys

#3: Brown Polishing Compound

Brown buffing compound ideal for cleaning, buffing, and scratch removal of soft metals such as brass, copper, tin, and pewter.

#4: Red Polishing Compound

Red buffing compound ideal for cleaning and buffing of precious metals such as gold and silver; also known as jeweler’s rouge.

#5: White Polishing Compound

#5 White buffing compound ideal for polishing of all metals (hard and soft metals) to a high gloss finish

#6: Green Polishing Compound

#6 Green buffing compound ideal for polishing all types of metals, including precious metals, #6 is the finest and can be used as a second polishing step after

Amazing Results!

Ideal for buffing and polishing hard metals such as stainless steel, iron and aluminum alloys. Restore the shine back to your automotive trim, aluminum wheels and stainless steel hardware, appliances and parts.

Amazing Results!

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Jim Ward
felt wheel and polishing compounds

Products are great. I had a bit of trouble with the website but a quick phone solved that problem. After I placed the order someone from your company followed up with me because I wanted three different polishing compounds but somehow I got three of the same. I immediately replied to the person and the problem was solved. Very happy with products and thankful that someone realized my problem and took a couple of minutes to reach out and do a followup and correct my mistake.. You are certainly doing the right thing.. Thank you. Jim

I guess

I do not see the difference in quality between the standard buffing compound from Dremel and all these highly specialized compounds. The best ones are the red and the white one.

Great product for the hobbyist

Just the right size for the hobbyist for polishing or cleaning. Use with a Dremel or buffing wheel for small or medium projects. 6 different sticks to chose from. I have bought the bigger sticks at the big box stores and I end up wasting a lot. I will buy again.

Pierre Luc
Fonctionne bien

Fonctionne bien

Amazon Customer

The green and white give a mirror polish with some gloss. Didn’t see much of a difference between 1-4. Definitely add a little compound at a time as it’s fairly greasy and easy to over apply on your wheel if you’re not careful

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